Terms and Conditions

Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne) retains the right to monitor all activities on Argonne systems, to access any computer files or mail messages, and to disclose this information to authorized individuals or agencies, without prior notice to, or consent from, any user, sender, or addressee. Anyone using Argonne systems acknowledges their consent to, and understanding of, these terms and conditions.

I will not share my password with anyone or allow anyone to use my password to access computing resources. If I write my password down, I will protect the paper by properly securing it. If I suspect that my password has been compromised, I will promptly change my password.

I will protect all information under my control or to which I am granted access. Information in my custody is a valuable asset which should be properly protected regardless of its form (e.g. CRT, magnetic media, hardcopy, or printer ribbon).

I will only use the computing resources to which I'm granted access for official business with Argonne. I will not use these computing resources in a manner which would constitute waste or fraud (such as playing games, downloading sexually explicit materials, sending personal e-mail, etc.).

I will not abuse these computing resources, nor will I use the resources to support any personal business.

I will use only properly authorized and/or licensed software on Argonne computing resources to which I have access. I will not create or modify any software for the purpose of disrupting operations, circumventing security controls, or destroying or modifying data or programs without authorization. Also, I will not create or modify any software to provide unauthorized access to computing resources or to gain access to privileges, programs, data, passwords, or resources for which I am not authorized.

Failure to abide by this user agreement will result in account termination and may result in disciplinary action involving civil and criminal penalties.